Stripes, Stripes and Sneakers

Overview of an outfit where I've combined a shirt and a blazer with casual sneakers.

I’ve always loved the combination of sneakers with blazers… on other people. Historically, every time I’ve tried to combine heels with yoga pants, or a workout vest with tailored trousers I’ve always just felt like I was in a mad rush leaving the gym and got caught somewhere in between looks. Athleisure is a cool trend, but not one I’ve ever felt comfortable in.

Still, a desire for comfortable feet without wearing a whole outfit looking like I’m off to run a 5K has led me to experiment with the classic sneakers and blazers look once again – and finally, I think I’m getting somewhere.

close up of the top half of the outfit, showing the shirt, blazer and bag
extreme close up of the shirt collar, also showing my necklaces.
black jeans, grey blazer, blue striped shirt and sneakers.



// the grey blazer (thrifted)
I think this blazer is playing a big part in making this look feel comfortable for me. It’s a very soft, cotton material which gives it a much more relaxed feel than some of the more tailored, black blazers I own. I also love that the lining of this is a grey and white stripe which is on display when I roll the sleeves up (which I basically always do). In particular with this outfit I love that the sleeve stripes run the opposite way from the stripes on the shirt sleeves which are visible underneath.
// the striped, button down shirt (thrifted)
While I’m definitely getting more into button-downs in general just now, I think it was definitely this shirt that kicked that off for me. Honestly, this was really the first fitted shirt I ever wore that didn’t feel like a “school shirt” to me. Again, I think the soft cotton fabric has a lot to do with this, as well as the blue pinstripe, which I just find so inspiring – it’s one of those pieces I can see myself wearing in every season.

// black, leather cross-body bag (thrifted)
This was a more recent charity-shop find for me. It was spooky actually, I had it in my head that I was looking for a compact, black cross-body bag (with a good closure) that I could use for everyday errand running and such, then, lo and behold, in the second store I went into, I found this! It pretty much perfectly met my criteria and I’ve worn it basically everyday since. I love that there’s something slightly 90’s mom about it – especially with this outfit somehow.

// black skinny jeans (birthday gift – they’re Molly jeggings from River Island)
I decided that, as a general rule, I wasn’t going to mention fast-fashion brands that I still own pieces from, or announce where thrifted items are “originally” from, because I don’t really want to advertise these brands, however, I wanted to share a note about these jeans for readers who do still shop at River Island. My sister and I are long time Molly jegging fans; they’re the only black jeans we’ve worn since about 2013 and we’ve each owned a few pairs in that time and worn them to death. This most recent pair, which was a gift from my sister who also bought herself a pair at the same time, are terrible. The fabric is already fading noticeably, they’re also pilling across the thighs and the dye transfer has been crazy – even after a few washes. My sister has had the exact same experience as I have. So, I just wanted to put a note up, because taking aside the ethics of River Island, these did used to be a high quality product, and while I wouldn’t have been buying another pair anyway, this massive drop in quality is such a huge turn-off.

// black low-top Converse (thrifted)
A rather epic charity-shop find if I do say so myself! I’ve pretty much lived in Converse trainers since about the age of 13 and have been very relieved to find that they’re easily available second hand, meaning I don’t have to quit my Chuck Taylor habit any time soon. I opted for this pair to wear with a blazer as I think them being black makes it easier (for a novice like me) than if I’d worn my pink or leopard print pair. This particular pair are a real staple for me, except for the fact that they come down very low at my ankle, meaning that I have to wear those strange teeny-tiny sock things with them as opposed to regular ankle or sneaker-socks – which is a bit of a pain!
close up of black, low-top Converse
close up showing the contrast created by the blazer lining and the shirt sleeve.
overview of most of the outfit in a more casual pose.
walking shot of the full outfit
close up photo showing the bag in detail