Hi! I’m Kitty.

I’m 27, I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland and I live with my fiance, Kenny and my cat, Meeko.

I created Timorous Minimalist as a place to document my journey from anxiety-ridden, compulsive shopper, to chilled out simple-living vegan. It’s going well so far! On this blog I write about my experiences with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, my progress towards a minimalist lifestyle – including adopting (with mixed success) a capsule wardrobe system – and more general lifestyle pieces centred around self-care and well-being.

I’m self-employed; I write this blog, as well as my artist blog – Timorous Eclectic (edit: currently being ripped apart for big improvements, coming soon!) – I sell my artwork online through sites like RedBubble, TeePublic and Society6 and I’m also an eBay seller. Phew!

Please stick around and join me in this journey, I’d love to have you here!

If you’d like to contact me – either as a blog reader or to reach out to me for business reasons – I can be emailed at timorousminimalist@gmail.com